Succeed Social Impact Library Project

Succeed Social Impact Library Project places book-sharing little libraries where they can be a catalyst for improving reading motivation and deepening community connectedness.

Books in the hands of children have a meaningful impact on improving literacy. The more books in or near the home, the more likely a child will learn and love to read. In First Nation communities, book access is a challenge, as most do not have their own public libraries.

READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED book exchanges are a great vehicle for areas without easy access to books. We are proud to work with First Nation communities to establish little libraries and improve book access for all.

Our goal is to expand this project across First Nation communities across Canada. We are actively seeking funders and partnership opportunities to make the Succeed Social Impact Library Project an ongoing success.

Great power lies within each of us. Power is magnified when people come together in the spirit of goodness.

READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED provides free book exchanges for First Nation communities where they can have meaningful impact. These Libraries are made possible by direct donations from individuals and organizations to READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED’s Succeed Social Impact Library Project.

The Succeed Social Impact Library Package Includes:

  • A fully assembled Library, ready to be set up as is
  • Informational toolkit
  • A starter collection of books
  • A post with mounting block
  • Highest quality selection of seeds
  • Paid shipping costs

Recipients of Succeed Social Impact Libraries are asked to:

  • Keep the Library in good condition and filled with books for a minimum of one year
  • Submit a photo of the Library once it’s installed
  • Create community garden and save seeds
  • Produce at least one community activity in the first year of service, such as holding a story hour for kids or a book-centered gathering
  • Respond to requests from local media if contacted

When you donate to READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED, your contribution will be used to place Libraries in the hands of committed Indigenous Youth Influencers in locations where they can have meaningful outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about how to participate, partner with us, or provide financial support, please contact us.  

Please consider making a donation today. Your gift to READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED will be immediately put to use to provide little libraries where they are needed most. Donate now!