Seed Library


We understand and recognize that the land we cultivate is not our own and that it’s original stewards are Indigenous. We also realize that recognizing this fact is not enough, and that we must build links and solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of this land in order to repatriate it back to them. We also stand against the principles of industrial agriculture that deplete the soil, destroy crop diversity, and endanger people’s health. Our focus on local community gardens is a product of that.

Libraries are great equalizers in education and society, and with the READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED Seed Library, as part of our mission to help repair the world, we are building on a model of little libraries that will help one learn and build community.  Healthy biodiversity is one of the best ways we can protect against the impacts of climate change.

Community seed libraries have sprung up around the world to create alternatives to the globalized farming industry

READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED Seed Library’s goal is to strengthen community of gardeners  by sharing biodiverse, locally-adapted seeds. The READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED Seed Library operates on the honor system to maintain a well-stocked collection of pure, healthy, viable seeds for the community to use.